Comparing Beowulf And Unferth

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My personal dragons Anyone can relate to the struggles and the conflict that Beowulf faces throughout his journey to save Hrothgar and his men. There are so many examples of good vs evil in my life and I can relate to his daily struggles as well. For example, Beowulf had to listen to Unferth, who thought completely terrible of him. Unferth pointed out that “Beowulf could not even win a swim match, so why should he be trying to save us?” In the same way, throughout life I believe people will eventually hear or do the identical thing; they can cause less self-worth and confidence in someone, somewhere. People can become so prude if they feel like they have to have help, which is the reason for Unferths ridiculous actions. While Beowulf faces…show more content…
“You’re Beowulf, are you – the same boastful fool who fought a swimming match with Brecca and lost” said Unferth within lines 239-24. Beowulf knew that he could handle the demon, but Unferth was furious because he felt as if the Danes people and himself, could fight their own battles. He felt as if it made his people look bad, because they needed help from an outside hero. I feel as if in that same way some people around our school look at someone and just think they aren’t what or who they say they are. During football season, some of the guys that I thought were my friends would talk about how I wasn’t any good or couldn’t save the team from a big play at any given moment. The only thing I could do was ignore those voices and move on to prove them wrong and that is exactly what I did. “Carrying the sword Hrunting, Beowulf goes to the lake where Grendel’s mother has her underwater lair. Then, fully armed, he dives to the depths of this watery hell” (page 39, in italics). After Beowulf and Grendel’s outcome, Unferth realizes he was wrong and even offers a truce, by giving him a sword, Hrunting, and supporting him against his next great battle. Beowulf stood up for himself, went out and defeated Grendel, and saved the mead hall, while proving Unferth wrong. He and I faced similar conflicts and ended up with similar outcomes. The wickedness of someone’s gossip or opinion is quite a challenge to deal with, but…show more content…
They bicker and argue and even fight, just like siblings do, except my brother does not ever try to rip my arm off. Just the other day we were arguing about whose turn it was to take out the trash; he started lying and stated that it was my turn. Then all of a sudden we started wresting. Mac had me pin down like a piece of paper on a tact board. I struggled and fought for the advantage over him and then

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