Comparing Book Thief And Night

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Writing a book or a novel could often be for pleasure or to write a fun story, yet often times it could be to shine light on a subject that needs to never be forgotten. Isabel Allende once wrote, “ Write what should not be forgotten” many authors can use their writing skills in order to help horrible things in history to not be repeated again. In the novel Book Thief by Markus Zusak and the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, both authors discuss one of the most tragic moments in human history, the holocaust. Zusak writes his novel based on the life of a german girl named, Lisel, during the period of World war two. Meanwhile Wiesel writes his own personal journey of what his life was life, being part of what was known as the inferior race at this point in history between the years of World war two as well. Both novels share many similar aspects that relate back to the idea of living in fear of life or death, along with writing from a child's perspective and another being the time period and …show more content…

Allendes idea is one that is seen in both novels and it is a piece of advice that allows the reader to wonder if it could be the reason why the author shines light on a topic that as the holocaust. The holocaust was period of time in which the world remembers of the time that the jews were known as an inferior race and many were sent to their deaths. Both novels relate to the idea of living in fear of their lives. The novel Book Thief shows how the life of a german citizen was during the time of the war, meanwhile Night discusses the life of a Jew during the time of the war. Necessarily, people would say that the Jews had the worse experience yet Zusak shows that the german population was going through something parallel as the Jews were. The german population continuously lived in fear of their lives as

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