Comparing Bradstreet And Fire

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Fire Jonathan Edwards and Anne Bradstreet wrote similar stories but, if you look deep enough you’ll find many differences on both sides. In the poem and sermon they both talk about the word “fire” and has different meanings to it. For example, the differences of the two stories are how one is closer to god then the other, also how “fire” is used in different ways, and last how they feel within the stories. In Bradstreet’s poem god was much closer to the main girl. Something terrible happened that turned into something unforgettable. She was lost before god decided to burn down her house to make her realize it’s time to move forward with her life. God helped her understand that everything in life passes on. In Edwards’s sermon, he expresses…show more content…
“The devil is waiting for them, hell is gaping for them, the flames gather and flash about them, and would fain lay hold on them, and swallow them up.” (Edwards) The differences in the Bradstreet’s poem, God was taking the house to help her move on with her life. “It was His own, it was not mine, far be it that I should repine; he might of all justly bereft.” (Bradstreet) Even though everything she own was gone, she still has god by her side and blest his name. The feelings in both of the stories are very depressing and frightening. In Bradstreet’s, when you’re reading it, it sounds like the main person was very scared and didn’t know what was happening. After running out she blest god for saving her. “I blest His name that gave and took.” (Bradstreet) In the other story, Edwards’s sermon, God wasn’t never joyful like in Bradstreet’s. For example, “So that, thus it is that natural men are held in the hand of God, over the pit of the hell.” (Edwards) He hated everyone who sin and they deserve to go to hell. Edwards’s sermon and Bradstreet’s poem weren’t very similar. The meaning of fire was the only thing that was similar. They were also very different, for example, one of the stories are closer to God then the other, how they use fire in different ways, and last the feelings in both
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