Comparing Bravery In 'Sir Gawain And Beowulf'

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Throughout time there were great heroes, one’s of bravery and one’s of honor. Sir Gawain and Beowulf both resemble different aspects being great heroes and also showing the different time where there from. They show how the Middle Ages start off with violence then later falling toward honesty. Beowulf displays his bravery is many ways and also shows ways of being a great hero. Sir Gawain a noble knight shows his aspects of chivalry and loyalty. Even though they may seem light great heroes they both have been though great events to shape them to what they are. Beowulf is a great hero displaying his bravery though out the story. Even though he seems to say he does have powers throughout the story he shows his bravery later on. Unlike the Sir…show more content…
Out of all the knights around he was the only one that had the spirit to play the beheading game with the green knight. At first King Arthur took the challenge but being the loyal person he was he felt it was his duty to challenge the green knight instead of King Arthur. As stated in the story he said "the weakest, the most wanting in wisdom...And my life, if lost, would be least missed, truly". The quote only shows that what he is saying is not true and that he will be might for his chivalry. After the game was set, Gawain agreed that in one year he would go out to find the green knight. He said to King Arthur as stated in the story “Here is my oath on it, in absolute honor”. The quote expresses his devotion towards the quest. Though his journey to find the green knight he finally finds the green knight a year later. After all it was a test to check for Gawain’s loyalty even when other events occur. Even though he failed to complete the journey and he almost gets his had decapitated his honestly spares him. Unlike Beowulf, Sir Gawain learned from his mistake and he did not. The reason Beowulf had to fight Grendel was to prove himself that he was made for the task. Sir Gawain was the test of loyalty and almost loosing there king, while in Beowulf it expresses courage among
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