Comparing Bravery In The Iliad And The Bible

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The Iliad and The Bible are two of the most influential books of all time. People look to these books for advice and wisdom . The Iliad portrays bravery as a heroic quality, a virtue. The Iliad makes heroes look very elite and there aren’t many of them. When listened to in this context, bravery can lead to pride and excess. The Greek motto says, “Strive for excellence and do nothing in excess.” The Bible shows bravery as a virtue as well . Though in The Bible there are times bravery is showed in a heroic way, it portrays it more as courage and humbleness. Either way, The Bible and The Iliad show bravery in a good way, the issue is where it could go after. God’s representation of bravery is something that we should strive for because in The Bible because God is with His people wherever they go. Homer’s representation of bravery is a virtue that people should strive for because it makes his audience look good and heroic. An example of bravery in the Bible is the story of Noah and the Flood. The Bible says, “Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight, and the earth was filled with violence. And God saw the earth, and behold, it was…show more content…
Achilles was brave, heroic, and a man during The Trojan War. He had all the virtues Homer was trying to convey. One thing that was not mentioned was that Achilles had an explosive temper and held grudges. In The Trojan War thousands of people died. Every man who went to fight in the Trojan War was extremely brave. Achilles stands out because he killed Hector. Hector was the Prince of Troy. In The Iliad, Homer wants Achilles to look mainly like a hero. This means that being brave makes you a hero. Being a hero leads to pride and in the Homeric Worldview. Though pride is a vice, it is common in many Greek heroes. Bravery also leads to Arete, which means, “Excellence of any kind.” Bravery leads two different paths: the path to pride and excess or the path of excellence and
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