Comparing Brighton Beach Memoirs And A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin in the Sun is a book about an african american family living in New York in a low income area. The whole family lives in one tiny apartment and there is only one person working. The father of Walter and Beneatha died and his insurance money is going to be coming in. In Brighton Beach Memoirs, is about another family who live in New York in the Brighton Beach area. They also have the whole family living in their house because the cousins moved in due to their father dieing. This put a financial strain as there are only 2 family members working and there are 7 mouths to feed. In A raisin in the Sun and Brighton Beach memoir both families have to take responsibility for something in the early-mid 1900s. While having to take responsibility,…show more content…
When she asked her mom if she could drop out of school and take it she was upset when she heard her mom’s response. However unlike Walter, she decided to try and talk it out. Walter tried this too but nobody listened to him, therefore he became distant and went out and got drunk. Nora only got mad and walked out of a night to make up. Blanche told Nora, “I was never concerned about your leaving me. It was your future I was worried about.” Nora replies, “It was my future. Why couldn't I have something to say about it?” After Nora came back Nora tried to argue why she couldn’t follow her dream if it was her future. Walter and Nora did the same of leaving the house but Walter didn’t do the right thing while out of the house. Both characters had a dream they wished they could pursue but soon found that there was an object blocking their path. Walter and Stanley in both books had to gain a sense of responsibility for their actions. In a Raisin in the sun, Walter wanted to use the money for his dream, however his mom bought a house with it instead. She then gave him what was left of the money to do his dream. However he had it stolen from him. The only thing left of his dream was his house so when the man came to try and get them to not move in, he declined the money offered and decided to move in. Mama said to Ruth (talking about Walter), “He finally come into his manhood today, didn’t he? Kind of like a rainbow after the rain...” p. 151. After the man left (Mr. Linder) they discussed how Walter became a man and not a self centered individual. He gained responsibility when he said they were going to move
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