Comparing Bruni, And Fredrick Douglass

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Education is the most important tool one can use to change societies. An average person tries hundreds experiment in order to become successful in his life. Well a person learn new things when they get experience from others. No one on this planet born with experiment or talent maybe some. A person needs to evolve as life moves on. Every day, in our life we learn new things, from school, friends and by ourselves. Take an example of me, my transformative educational experience had thought me skills that I can use for my rest of my life career. However, Frank Bruni said in his statement that “if a person wants to do something in his life, then he/she can start with little experience”. Throughout the year, I gain more knowledge of the world we live in and become aware of my career. I took suggestion from guidance counselors and from my uncle about my career, I was depressed about my career because in my mind only one thing repeats, how I am going to live in this world and what I am going…show more content…
Fredrick didn’t know how to read and write first but, he did not give up. In “Learning to Read and Write,” Frederick Douglass strongly states that knowledge is a great form of power. From being a former slave for life, Douglass expresses the importance of knowledge by describing, how he was able to learn to read and write. He put a lot of effort and time on learning to write, but at the same time he shows us that he still have the thoughts that one day he would become a free man. I agree with this author because of, first he didn’t know how to read and write but he had put his effort. Like Bruni said if a person want to do something in his life he can start with little things like Fredrick Douglass. He learns from the street boys. Also, like I have started from little experience and now I found lots of information about my career. If a person wants to do anything, then he or she needs to be open
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