Comparing Cambodians And Jews In The Cambodian Genocide And The Holocaust

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Similarly, the Cambodians and Jews have both stood witness to the executions of one race. During the Cambodian Genocide, Pol Pot the leader, wiped out millions of educated Cambodians who were doctors, teachers, lawyers, bilingual, etc. His overall goal was to make the Kingdom of “Cambodia” a utopian society where everyone was equal and he reigned as king. In fact, the Khmer Rouge rounded up and separated family members to work in different villages in Cambodia. In addition, older men and young boys were sent to fight in the war. Women were distributed across Cambodia either working in kitchens, working fields, or hospitals while their infant children assisted them. Just like Pol Pot, in the Holocaust, Hitler’s goal was to make Germany a country where everyone had the same physical appearance, blue eyes and blonde hair. Unfortunately, Jews did not have that appearance. During the Cambodian Genocide and the Holocaust, the officers beat and prodded the victims that did not meet their expectations and were abruptly displaced from their homes. In comparison to the Cambodians, Germany’s dictator, Adolf Hitler, had one goal to execute all Jews, just like how Pol Pot had a goal to kill all educated Cambodians. Both the Cambodians in the Cambodian Genocide and the Jews in the novel Night were treated similarly because both victims were displaced out of their homes, overworked, mistreated, and starved.
Moreover, officers of the genocides starved the victims of the Holocaust and the

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