Comparing Canterbury Tales 'And The Sumoner's Tale'

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1. In the anthology book, The Canterbury Tales: “The Friar’s Tale” and “The Sumoner’s Tale” (1478), Geoffrey Chaucer implies that people who try to take advantage of others for their own personal benefit will eventually get caught up in their own game and suffer the consequences of their actions in the end. The author supports this claim by showing how both the friar and the summoner who lived their life at the expense of others ended up getting caught of their sins and had to deal with their actions in the end anyway. The author’s purpose is to show that it does not matter what characterizes a person such as socioeconomic class in order to show how both the friar and the summoner are the same and no one is better than the other no matter how much they argue. The…show more content…
-Evaluative: Why does the friar get so upset and full of wrath when Thomas tricks him if he was just advising Thomas that wrath is the reason for all things bad? 3. “Summoners have no jurisdiction over us friars, and they never shall, to the end of their lives.” (pg. 195) This sentence is seen right in the beginning of the friar’s tale and it depicts the relationship between the friar and the summoner. The friar apologizes to the summoner right before he starts his tale but he knows that he does not mean it because he uses his tale to truly say what and how he feels about summoners without actually saying it himself. The friar bashes the summoner over and over again and he truly feels that he is a better person than he is which offends the summoner. The summoner then uses his tale to bash the friar and say how he feels about the firar. The summoner and the friar do not even tell tales that will entertain them and help them pass the time as they instead use them to bash each other and try to prove who is better than each
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