Comparing Caron And Miss Pross's Honor In A Tale Of Two Cities

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“I will be true to you with all my duty and with all my faithful service, I bring back the remembrance of a Home long desolate, while your poor heart pined away, weep for it, weep for it!”(Lucy 47) To honour someone is to treat them with respect and admiration. In the novel “A Tale of Two cities” there are several characters known for their display of honour, even through difficult times. Mme. Defarge, Sydney Carton and Miss Pross each gave everything they had, often putting themselves in danger to protect and honour the ones they loved and cherished most. Even when considering consequences fatal to themselves or to others, there was nothing that would stop these people from honouring and protecting their loved ones or seeking revenge for…show more content…
She did not care what happened to herself as long as Lucy and her family were safe. Evidence of this is when Mme. Defarge secretly entered the house looking for Lucy. Miss Pross knew that Mme. Defarge was not aware that Lucy had just left town with Charles, so Miss Pross stalled Mme. Defarge allowing Lucy to get across the border to safety. Miss Pross knew she was in danger when Mme. Defarge came in the house, but Miss Pross’s love and honour for Lucy outweighed the value of her own life “I am desperate. I don 't care an English Twopence for myself. I know that the longer I keep you here, the greater hope there is for my Ladybird.” (Miss Pross 352) Dickens used Miss Pross’s strong love for Lucy as one of his main themes in the novel: love always triumphs against hate. Miss Pross’s love for Lucy was her weapon when fighting Mme. Defarge, who was fighting out of hatred. Miss Pross’s love outweighed the hatred in Mme. Defarge, giving Miss Pross the strength to kill Mme. Defarge and save her Ladybird.“Miss Pross looked up, saw what it was, struck at it, struck out a flash and a crash, and stood alone—blinded with smoke.”(353) Killing was against the character of Miss Pross, but to honour Lucy she did something she would never do, affecting the rest of her life: she took a life. To Miss Pross it was worth it because she had loved and cared for Lucy her whole…show more content…
He demonstrated a love so strong that most would not understand. His love for Lucy was so pure and honourable. Although he loved Lucy more than anything, he did not want to marry her. He said, “In spite of the happiness he would bring you misery, bring you to sorrow and repentance, blight you, disgrace you, pull you down with him. I know very well that you can have no tenderness for me; I ask for none; I am very thankful that it cannot be.”(144) Carton respected and loved her so much he believed that he did not deserve her. He would have preferred her to be with someone who could truly make her happy. Carton was completely selfless and did anything for Lucy,“For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything. I would embrace any sacrifice for you and for those dear to you.”(Carton 146) To sacrifice or devote yourself to someone out of love is an incredible display of admiration. To do anything for someone that they love is an act of undying devotion, there is no greater act that could be done. With this in mind, it states in the bible "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one 's life for one 's friends.”(John 15:13) Carton proved his great love and devotion when Darnay was sentenced to death. Carton knew there was no way that Darnay was going to be released and if Darnay were killed it would hurt Lucy more than anything. Honouring his promise to her to give her ”A life you love” (Carton 322), he did
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