Comparing Characters In Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man

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In The Illustrated Man, author Ray Bradbury conceives two similar but slightly different characters. Hollis, from “Kaleidoscope” can be compared with Hitchcock from “No Particular Night Or Morning”. In both of the stories, Hollis and Hitchcock are very argumentative with people who do not share similar opinions. In “Kaleidoscope”, Hollis has a disagreement with Lespere. Hollis is angered by Lespere because Lespere is able to accept his death. Hollis does not understand why somebody would not be upset that they have no chance of surviving. In “No Particular Night Or Morning”, Hitchcock has an altercation with Clemens. Hitchcock does not believe in remembering the past, and Clemens thinks differently. Clemens tries to persuade Hitchcock that
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