Comparing Characters In The Odyssey And O Brother Where Art

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The epic The Odyssey and the movie O Brother, Where Art Though has similar events and characters. Both the poem and the film seem to have characters that have the same qualities or roles. They also have some events that are similar, such as Big Dan T’s death by the burning cross and Polyphemus loses his vision by the flaming spear. Many characters have the same roles in The Odyssey as the characters in O Brother, Where Art Though. An example of similar characters is the blind railroad conductor and Tiresias. They both played the Same role by giving the characters, prophecies about what would happen throughout their journey. Ulysses Everett McGee and Odysseus are both cunning and sharp. Odysseus is so cunning he tricks the Cyclops by getting him drunk, then blinding him with a spear (IX, 410-430). Evert is being just as cunning when he can talk his way into getting a song recorded by the radio station owner. As well as these characters there is the relationship between the sheriff with…show more content…
WHAP! He snaps his hands up and together. He has caught the flagpole. The flag has not touched the ground. The crowd cheers. Big Dan looks around, beaming acknowledgement of the cheers. From somewhere, another BOINK. As Big Dan's look reaches front again, his smile fades. His eye tracks up - up- CREEEEEEK! The fiery cross is twisting and starting to fall. (Daily Script) Big Dan and the cyclops had two events that made them similar. The event is when the cyclops attacks and kills Odysseus’ crew and when Big Dan attacks Everett and Delmar. He also kills the toad that they believe is Pete. The similarities in this event are great, but there are not that many. The film and the poem had some very similar events and characters. They also had their differences, but after reading and watching both, you can tell that they had to have used some ideas from the poem in the movie. In conclusion, they have greater similarities than there are
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