Comparing Cinderella And Grimm's Cinderella

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Compare and Contrast Essay

Once upon a time there was a story about a girl named Cinderella. There have been many versions of this story written. There is a version for almost every culture, but they all lead back to the original version told by the Brother’s Grimm. Although the story has changed through time, the main plot stays the same. Cinderella is a young girl who is forced into being a servant for her family. She longs for love and affection. She finds it when at the ball, but when she has to leave, she leaves in a hurry and one of the slippers that she is wearing gets left behind at the ball and the Prince finds and starts to look for her. Even though they were separated for short periods of time they still find each other in the end.The Prince takes her to his palace and they get married. This general plot stays the same for all versions of the story, but the differences between Disney’s Cinderella and Grimm’s Cinderella are striking, and they deserve through examination.
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Also in both stories, Cinderella still fits into the slipper and the step-sister are caught for trying to be Cinderella. However in the Disney’s Cinderella everyone lives happily ever after. In contrast, in Grimm’s Cinderella the step-sisters do not live happily ever after instead they are blinded by the birds pecking their eyes out. Another difference between the two stories is in Disney’s Cinderella the two step-sisters try to put their feet into the slipper, but it was obvious that they were both too big, then Cinderella tried it one and it fit just right. However in Grimm’s Cinderella the two step-sisters cut their heels and toes to fit into the slipper. They do fit, but with the help from the birds the Prince notices the blood and then asks Cinderella to try on the slipper and it fits

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