Comparing Cinderella And Yexian

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3. The comparison of similar plots Two stories have different culture background and atmosphere. But they show the customs and habits of different historical periods. Through comparison of Cinderella and Yexian, we can find in these two stories have some similar circumstances. Such as: the abused by the stepmother; the help of the divine; the grand banquet; the checking of shoes. Therefore, starting analyzed and compared with these similar plots to explore the story how to evolve their personal color in the different geography,cultural,customs and other factors. It can help us to study various cultural connotations behind similar background.
3.1The abused by the stepmother The main contradiction of the Cinderella type story is the original family farm being intervention by unrelated persons. It has broken the original stability maintained by blood relationship. In the private ownership society, kinship is leading factors for the inheritance of property and status. This is the most direct contradiction between the stepmother and unrelated children. Yexian and Cinderella 's misfortune is starting from mother died and stepmother appeared in their life. However, it has a different reason for the west and east two Cinderella be abused. Direct factor contributing to Cinderella suffered abuse because of her mother 's death, while the Yexian is because of her father 's death. During the Tang Dynasty, China is still in the polygamous marriages form. Male members of the
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