Comparing Claudius's Letter To The King

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Claudius uses logic, flattery, and action in order to justify marrying the late king’s wife days after he died and becoming king himself. Claudius uses “practical” logic to justify his marriage to his former sister-in-law directly after his brother’s death. While Claudius does state that it is “befitted To bear our hearts in grief” (1.2.2-3), he logically goes through his thought process in marrying his brother’s wife days after his death. He says that in the kingdom’s time of grief it makes sense for the new king to take care of himself and his feelings along with the rest of the people. He believes marrying Gertrude is the only way to make the both of them feel better in their time of loss and he convinces the people of this. In fact, he thanks the people for their “better wisdoms, which have freely gone With this affair along” (1.2.15-16). He turns any suspicions on him around and places the responsibility of this new…show more content…
In order to exemplify and prove strength of character and extreme guidance among the people, he authoritatively acts upon Norway’s proceedings toward Denmark. He immediately calls upon two Danish ambassadors to Norway to deliver a letter to the king and stop the king’s nephew’s advances. With Shakespeare’s use of words such as “we here dispatch You… to business with the King” (1.2.33-34, 1.2.37), Claudius exerts his authority over the Danish people as a king. He is specifically pointing out people that new the previous king and directing them into doing a task not only for the King but for the benefit of the whole kingdom. He decisively uses his power as king to show the people that he is able to be a leader to the country just as much as his brother was. The new king, Claudius, uses many different uses of language in order to persuade the people to believe he is right in marrying the previous king’s wife and assuming the role of king before

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