Comparing 'Clueless And Rebel Without A Cause'

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In ‘Rebel without a cause’, there is an obvious disconnect between the parents and the teenagers. There is very little communication between the parents and the teenagers. The teenagers generally kept their problems to themselves. The teenagers had introverted emotions, they didn’t talk about them much. The teenagers didn’t bond much with their parents or the other teenagers in the film. The teenagers are reserved around parents and family. There was not much between the parents and teenagers.

In ‘Clueless’, there is a lot of communication between the parent and teenagers. The teenagers are very extroverted, they share their feelings. In this film it is acceptable to share feelings and thoughts with others. Teenagers tend to be communicative with their parents. The teenagers tend to bond with other teenagers and form friendships. Cher can often be seen sharing her emotions with her friends.
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In ‘Clueless’, the teenagers are more extroverted than as shown in ‘Rebel without a cause’. In ‘Clueless’ it has become more acceptable for teens to share their feelings and thought with others than it was in ‘Rebel without a cause’. In ‘Clueless’ the teenagers are share their feelings and form friendships and are more communicative with their parents, however in ‘Rebel without a cause’ , the teenagers are more introverted, they do not form friendships easily, they do not share their thoughts and feelings with others and do not talk with their
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