Comparing Commitment In Romeo And Juliet 'And My Last Duchess'

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Commitment comparison between “ Romeo and Juliet”, “ Valentine “, “Cousin Kate” and “My last duchess”.

“Romeo and Juliet’s” commitment for each other differs from the commitment explored in “My Last Duchess” and “Cousin Kate”.Their commitment incorporates a powerful love too strong for any obstacle. Juliet is willing to risk the wrath between her parents and the Montagues, to stay committed to Romeo. In addition, willing to risk death in order to stay committed to Romeo because the potion she received from Friar Lawrence could actually kill her. Both Romeo and Juliet would rather die for each other than be without each other. The play demonstrates true commitment; that truly committed people would rather die for each other then be permanently
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The poem is about the differences between male and female commitment and the abuse they (especially the women) receive. In the first stanza, the writer refers to the first stages of commitment for sex because the women were praised by the Lord for her “flaxen hair” indicating flirting which results to sex. It obvious the Lord’s commitment is pretended; he seduced the ‘cottage maiden’ for sex, his prime objective. Furthermore, what's even more disturbing is that when realising the ‘cottage maiden’ is pregnant, he leaves her ‘like a glove’, for a more fair women, the cousin of the ‘cottage maiden’, Kate.

Similarly, “My last duchess “ incorporates the same selfless commitment explored in “Cousin Kate”. The duke, the narrator of the poem is identified as a monster since he murdered his wife because of her immature persona. The duchess’ “ looks went everywhere” and the duke also mentioning that other men could draw her to “blush”. We learn within the poem that the duke was a famous man, and because he married a tart, he wouldn't allow “his gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name” to become badly reputed. This indicates that the duke was committed to his family name and wouldn’t let careless women destroy his
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