Comparing Communism And Socialism

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Communism and Socialism are often very misunderstood as to what they stand and what they mean often referred to as completely different political platforms but they are shockingly similar, in fact, they share the same origin, and similar philosophy and political policies. Socialism is a form of government in which means of production are controlled by the workers. what are means of production? Marxism defines means of production as implements, tools, and machines used in production such as farmland, tractors, factories, banks, etcetera. Socialism means is that workers control their workplace and cannot be privately owned. On the other hand, Communism is a specific kind of Socialism. Communism itself is a stage of development in Socialism which,…show more content…
Socialism is a very broad term there are no 100% socialist countries but rather different socioeconomic systems with socialist undertones A common misconception is that there have been full communist countries but by definition complete communism is stateless therefore there is no such thing as a communist state, the two most common types democratic socialism which is typically a state-run welfare system on top of a capitalist economy and marxism-Leninism which focuses on the infallibility of its dictatorship government in claiming that what benefits the state benefits the people but in practice it has been used to lower the standard of living of the people for the good of the state people get the wrong idea about this because Socialist states are often controlled by a communist party but full communism has never been achieved and probably never will be because full communism is a utopia, nothing more than a part of Marxist theory. Socialism, on the other hand, is very much existent in all parts of the world and will likely continue to be practiced in many countries

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