Comparing Conrad's Rebellion In Star Wars And Ordinary People

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Both Star Wars and Ordinary People contain elements of rebellion. However, the theme is executed differently in both. The stories reasons for rebellion, the end result and Both sides revolve around the idea of going against a system.In Star Wars, the Rebel Alliance’s goal is to destroy the Death Star, an Empire built ship tasked with destroying the rebel base. In Ordinary People, Conrad rebels against society by means of suicide. The Rebel’s rebellion is focused on destroying a physical construction of their oppression. Destroying the Empire was their way to freedom. On the other hand, Conrad’s rebellion is focused on breaking away from society's constructs. His form of freedom was to become his own person, not a superimposed copy of their perfect person.…show more content…
For the Rebel Alliance, the destruction of the Death Star was a positive step toward their goal. The Death Star’s elimination was the Rebel’s first major victory against the Empire. In contrast, Conrad’s rebellion led to a negative side effect. His attempted suicide only left him confused as to who he was, neither a society’s construct or his own. The presentation of the story. Both stories were in the 3rd point of view. This allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the story telling. Star Wars is a space fantasy based movie, it’s setting and story wouldn’t resonate with earthlings. They would understand the Rebel’s reason for rebellion on an intellectual level, but would be unable to on an emotional level. In contrast, Ordinary People setting and story are similar to everyday life. Conrad’s rebellion is more understanding and can be reached on an emotional level for most

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