Comparing Curley's Wife And Of Mice And Men

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Curley’s Wife and Mayella Ewell are two characters from two different novels, To Kill a Mockingbird and of Mice and Men that have the same role of exposing the isolation of certain members in society and the effect isolation has on them. The social injustice is shown through the similarities and differences of the two characters. To begin with, Curley’s wife has distinct and powerful characteristics that make her stand out. Curley 's Wife is a pretty woman who wears a lot of make up, her physical appearance in the book as described, “She had full rouged lips and wide spread eyes, heavily made up.” (Steinbeck, 31). As well being the wife to the son of the ranch boss, her beauty and combined with her status, she has power over the men on the…show more content…
Curley’s Wife in the book is a tart. This is true as Candy describes her as, “ She got the eye.” (Steinbeck, 28) This reflects the time period Curley’s Wife lives in, a period of women treated as property and trophies, often ignored till someone brings the trophy or property up. The same with Curley’s Wife as she is not very important to Curley, Curley only keeps his hands soft for her, this shows how little Curley’s wife means to him. To extend this point, Curley 's’ wife is simply known as Curley’s Wife, this shows how little she means to him that hae does not even introduce her properly. Curley’s wife is often lonely as she says in the book, “ I get awfully lonely.”(Steinbeck, 86) This shows that she was isolated on the ranch, and no one wanted…show more content…
Both Mayella Ewell and Curley’s Wife have similarities that facilitate the social injustice they both represent. First, both Mayella and Curley’s wife 's are isolated and lonely. They both are also alienated and avoided by everyone else in their communities and it has taken a toll on them. They both have resulted to abusing the powers they had, often ruining lives with those powers they had. Another similarity is they both have no control over their own lives. Instead, their lives are controlled by an outside factor or someone else. They are not able to make decisions on their own. Next, they both abuse the power they have. They use it to try to gain some sense of control over someone else, but the results are destructive for them and the other person. Both of the characters also have minor differences. Mayella is abused by her father sexually and physically while Curley 's wife is not abused as much but more neglected in a way. Mainly, the two characters are more similar than different. These similarities and differences help bring out the role of the two characters in their respective novels, to expose the isolation of certain members of society and the effects it has on them. When people are isolated or rejected by society, the minority group tends to lose control of their lives and are more dependent on others to bring out their plans. These two characters facilitate through their isolation from society and how they behave and act. Mayella and
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