Comparing Cynthia Selfe's Essay On Facebook And Twitter

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In Cynthia Selfe 's essay she emphasized how access to technology and how its used have impacted how we write and communicate with each other. The two software platforms I will be focusing on are Facebook and Twitter. Both of these platforms are very similar, yet they have a lot of differences as well. On Facebook, people can post status updates, share pictures and message your friends. Facebook is a way for people to stay connected and voice their opinions to their friends and family. Twitter is very similar, you can post updates, share pictures and message your friends also. The only difference is that on Facebook your statuses can be as long as you want, where as on twitter you have to use 160 characters or less, the same thing goes with pictures, you can only post a certain amount…show more content…
They don 't have a limit and they encourage you to write how you feel. When using Facebook there are certain unspoken rules you have to follow. You are supposed to use Facebook to express your beliefs and what 's on your mind, but many people use this too often and it can start to annoy people. The main purpose for the website is becoming annoying to post. This is discouraging people to want to voice their opinions and comment agreeing or disagreeing with what was posted. I don 't find this annoying, I like reading my friends profiles and looking at their pictures, it makes me feel like I can always keep in-touch with them no matter how far away I am. The "good" writing is short and rarely ever posting, they are well written and interesting. The "bad" writing is too long, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and posts that are just annoying. It really depends on the reader and what they think of the post. If its an immediate family member, than the constant posts about your new baby wouldn’t bother them as much as an aquantence you went to high school with who you never actually talked

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