Comparing Darwinism, Lamarckism And Creationism

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How we came to be on earth has been one of the most debated topics of all. Many theories have been created to help show where we as humans have evolved from. Each of the theories that have been produced are very different and unique and explore a range of different aspects , that can suggest how we as humans came to be on this earth. Some theories are based on scientific discoveries whilst others are based on religious beliefs. Three of the most well known theories are: Darwinism, Lamarckism and Creationism.
Darwinism is the theory in which believes that species evolved due to natural selection. Whereas, Lamarckism is the theory also based on scientific discoveries but advises us that organism can pass on characteristics that have been obtained
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The theory Darwinism was advanced by a man named Charles Robert Darwin who was an English naturalist, and geologist. Charles had set off on a five year voyage around the world, so he could discover and examine a range of organisms. The most fascinating organisms that he had found and that had helped him produce the ideology of evolution was in the Galapagos Islands. During his voyage, on specific species that had stood out to him were Finches ( a species of birds, shown in picture). The aspect that had stood out him the most after examining finches and other ranges of birds, was that each of the different species of birds, from the different islands had difference in their physical properties. The first and most major connection he had made of the physical properties of the different species of birds was that the beaks of each specie was shaped differently. After this observation, he had soon come to the realization that the beaks that each species was dependant on their habitation and environment. During his voyage he had also discovered that when changes happen and minor differences are created between offspring , nature selects and tends to get rid of the ones that are not appropriate for the specific environment. All these discoveries had contributed to help Charles Darwin produce his theory of evolution Darwinism. The theory of Darwinism believes that all species of organisms begin and…show more content…
Creationism is based on religious beliefs. The theory of Creationism is noted and can be found in the bible. The bible states that “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” . The first time the word Creationism was used was, in 1856 in a letter written by Charles Robert Darwin. The letter discussed and described individuals who oppose on religious beliefs due to the development of the science of evolution. In the 1920’s Creationism became associated with Christian Fundamentalism development that asserted on a literalist perception of the Genesis creation native. By the 1980’s Creationism had obtained a compelling amount of presence in many countries and faith traditions. In some countries it has also been discussed and challenged that the teaching of creationism should be permit in public schools. Creationist base their beliefs on the reading from the Genesis creation native. This makes individuals reject the scientific theory of evolution. There are different types of creationism. Two of the main types of creationism are: Young earth creationism and old earth creationism. Young earth creationism is the belief in which the Universe, Earth and all life on Earth was created by God less than 10,000 years ago. Whereas, Old Earth Creationism is similar in the fact that it is a belief that the Universe, Earth and all the living things on Earth were created by god alought
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