Comparing Day Of The Death And Halloween In Mexican Culture

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What is the difference between The Day of The Death and Halloween? In Mexican culture, we celebrate The Day of The Death on November 1 to honor ancestors and loved ones who passed away and invite those spirits back into our homes and be part of the family. In America people celebrate Halloween on October 31 and this tradition is related to The Day of The Death. However, these two traditions are similar but different meaning to American and Mexican culture in how people celebrate, different kinds of food, and decorations. One of the things that Halloween and The Day of The Death differ is how it’s celebrated. Mexican people celebrate The Day of the Death by visiting the cemetery and decorate their graves with beautiful flowers. In America in a way Americans celebrate …show more content…

People can tell the difference foods that people makes for Halloween and the Day of the Death. Mexicans common food in the Day of the Death is Pan De Muerto, sugar skull candies, Tamales, Atole, Mole Negro, Hot Chocolate, etc. in Halloween American people make pumpkin pies, cookies, cupcakes, candies, pumpkin seeds, etc. Finally, last topic I’m going to compare these two traditions is how people use decorations for this event. The Day of the Death people make altares for their loved ones and decorate them with papel picado and ceramic skulls. Also, this day people make t-shirts design with Calaveras, bracelets, skull candles, candelabra, and many other things. In America people make decorations by carving pumpkins and decorate their homes with a ghoulish theme like spider webs and skeletons. However, Halloween and the Day of the Death are completely different traditions. It depends on how people view them, but in my point of view to me both traditions mean the same. Although these two traditions are from different countries they both have in common and is both traditions are related to

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