Comparing Descartes Belief In Angels, Hell, Devil, And Demons

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Descartes believed we experience things through are senses and that everything we think exists is only through our belief. He came up with “ I think therefore I am”. He determined that only things he could accept were those that his mind proved to be reason and true. In doing the experiment, I could hear the hum of my computer, my grandmother talking on the phone, and my dog barking. I smell fried chicken coming from the kitchen. Even though doubting everything exists my stomach is still convinced that dinner is done in the next room. I still know that I hear my grandmother talking and my dog barking. I could feel the bed that I am sitting on , the pillows around me, and the cold wall I am leaning against. I could taste the aftertaste…show more content…
I believe that I am real , you are real, everyone I have come into contact with is real. I believe the world is forever changing and that can be a good and bad thing. I believe that life on earth is short and sweet, but there is something far sweeter to await some of us. I believe that humans are all created equal, that no one is born “evil”. Just as the world is always changing so are we. I believe there is a God . Heaven , Angels, Hell, Devil, and Demons. Most importantly I believe that everyone can be happy and successful, they just have to stop standing in their own way. There are many things that I believe to be certain with no doubt, whether or not I can physical prove them does not matter to me. I am a believer in the saying, “ faith is believing, without seeing”. Which goes against what Descartes a little, due to his belief that your senses could prove existence. In ways thought he could be considered correct ,people have reported hearing angels , screams from the Siberian hole to hell , experiencing a healing touch, hearing their god talk to them. So if sensing is proof of existence, I 'd say there is as much proof to say that it is all real, as there is to justify that we are
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