Comparing Dickens 'The Christmas Carol': Movie And Play

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Similarities and Differences of The Christmas Carol: Movie and Play “God bless us, everyone.” (Dickens, 22). Charles Dickens wrote The Christmas Carol to teach us a lesson about giving and kindness that all men and women deserve no matter their financial circumstances. We learn that happiness is found even when circumstances are hard. There is many differences and similarities between the play and the movie of The Christmas Carol. In the play, Mr. Scrooge, a greedy old man, is visited by his dead partner, Jacob Marley’s ghost, on Christmas Eve night. Marley’s ghost narrates throughout the play. The ghost warns Scrooge that if he continues to be as greedy as he is currently, Scrooge will be like Marley and have to walk the Earth as a ghost after death. Scrooge believes that Marley is a bad dream created by his imagination. Scrooge makes it clear that he wants to be left alone by the ghosts. “Please do …show more content…

The businessmen who visit Scrooge in the beginning of the play do not visit Scrooge in the movie. Scrooge visits a large factory in the movie and that is where the businessmen ask Scrooge for donations for the poor. When Scrooge visits the past, his father is in much greater detail. The relationship of himself and Belle in the movie is much more detailed also and you understand their relationship more. Scrooge also sees Belle later in life with her husband and children, and he realizes that his life could have been much happier and less lonely in the movie. The Cratchit family dinner is longer and you realize how poor they are in the film of The Christmas Carol.. Present leaves Mr. Scrooge there for the Ghost of Christmas Future to fetch him. Future still takes Scrooge to see much of the same things. Finally, when they visit Old Joe, there is only one thief, instead of three. The rest of the content of the drama and the film are the extremely similar if not the

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