Comparing Don Pedro And Don John In Much Ado About Nothing

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Do you have a sibling who is the complete opposite of you? Well, then you know how these two feel. A summary of their conflict is, Don John tried to destroy everything Don Pedro was trying to make and he ran away when he thought he would get caught and when one of the men who worked with John admitted it was one of his schemes, they sent men to capture John and eventually they did. In Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, Don John is a character foil of Don Pedro, mainly because Don John is immoral and Don Pedro moral, but they do happen to be brothers and because of those reason it affects how they are treated throughout the plot.
One of many differences between the two of them is that Don John is Immoral and Don Pedro is moral and the characters in the play know it and it affects how they are treated throughout the plot of the story. Don John and Borachio were scheming about how to ruin Claudio’s happiness and some things said ,like this coming quote, show Don John immorality. “Any bar, any cross,
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Leonato was letting Don John know that since him and his brother had made up, he will treat him the same as Don Pedro, who he treats extremely well. “Being reconciled to the Prince your brother, I owe you all duty”,(Shakespeare 14) this is something Leonato says to Don John which lets you know that Don Pedro and Don John are brothers. The Messenger was letting Don Pedro know that they had caught his brother, Don John, while he was trying to flee. “My lord, your brother John is ta’en in flight And brought with armed men back to Messina”(Shakespeare 238), when the messenger said this, it once again showed that John is Don Pedro brother. These quotes clearly shows that the two of them are brothers. In short, Don Pedro and Don John’s only similarity is the fact that they are
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