Comparing Dorigen And Arveragus In The Canterbury Tales

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“The Franklin 's Tale” from the poem The Canterbury Tales tells the heartwarming story of Dorigen and her passionate love for her husband, Arveragus. Dorigen 's vigorous love is so strong that she is willing to sleep with a man even though she is extremely dedicated to her husband. It displays the powerful love that Dorigen and Arveragus share. This is entertaining to the reader because it is engaging and allows the reader to yearn for additional knowledge on the characters and their story. The moral of the story displays the fact that kindness gets passed on to others and it begins with a single person. A kind action creates a chain reaction that ultimately makes the world a better place in the end. When Arveragus returns home from his journey, he is enlightened about the news that his wife made a promise to sleep with the squire. He has the option to grow in fury and become exceedingly angry with Dorigen, but instead he tells her to remain true to her promise. He says to the…show more content…
The acts of kindness continue when Aurelius approaches the magician and explains how he let Dorigen return to her husband. After he hears Aurelius 's story, he allows Aurelius’s debt to be cleared. He had the option to be selfish and tell Aurelius that his debt will remain. A great amount of people today would be selfish in a similar situation and keep the money they receive. Instead, the magician says, “For certainly I 'll satisfy the debt.” Overall, the story displays how one act of kindness ultimately changes the world for the better. The characters in the tale are examples of how people today should live their lives. They can relate to the majority of people today because sometimes people make poor choices and do not know what the right path is when trying to figure out what to do next. The characters all had the option to do what benefits them the most. Rather than being selfish, they all did the right thing to do and did not what benefited them but what was best for the other
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