Comparing Dubai, Dubai: Similarities Between Dubai And Dubai

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Population and size are not a measure of the success and development cities. Around the world, there are an enormous number of wonderful cities. Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, and Dubai have recently attracted the majority of people. Dubai was a barren desert just a few years ago, but nowadays it has become a full-blown and significant city that has a famous monument in the world. However, Istanbul is one of the well-known cities around the world due to its history and historical monuments . Both of them are one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide because they have a high standard of living and a lot of attractive places. Dubai and Istanbul share some similarities despite the geographical distance; however, they have several differences between them.

The first noticeable similarity between Dubai and Istanbul is tourism. In Dubai, a large percentage of economy comes from tourists . Dubai has both modern and old-style buildings which fascinate tourists. Some of the top tourists attractions in Dubai are Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in world, and Palm Jumeirah. Recently Dubai has been known as the ‘’ shopping capital of the middle east ‘’ due to the large number of shopping centers that they have various types of high quality goods, and the prices are reasonable. Global Village which is one of the famous shopping and entertainment destinations in Dubai, offers people the opportunity to become familiar with other countries’ cultures, and different

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