Compare And Contrast Anthem And Harrison Bergeron

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Two Dystopian Literatures “They were equal every which way”(vonnegut 1).”Harrison Bergeron” and Anthem are both a collectivist society, that try to make the world smooth and have more peace in their society, but instead becomes a dramatic dystopia. Although “Harrison Bergeron” and Anthem are both dystopian literature, they both differ in their families and technology. In harrison bergeron, they have families, and this is seen when the story says… “George and Hazel bergeron 14 years old son.”(Vonnegut 1).This proves that in this society, they have Families. In “Harrison Bergeron” they also have technology, it states in the passage…”George and Hazel were watching TV” (Vonnegut 2). This shows that in the Novel “Harrison bergeron” there…show more content…
In Anthem, the reason why they have no technology and families is because the society accepted collectivism as an honorable idea. Anthem states “I am I think I will”(Rand, 94). The characters used “we” instead of “I” which clearly shows that collectivism overtook the society. The government believed everyone should be equal. Men and Women Spend one night in a palace of mating and they produce the newborn and as soon as the baby is born they take the baby and raise it by the states, so the parents don’t know who their children are and visa versa. “Men may not think of women except for one night during the Time of Mating” (Rand, 41). This claims that they don 't have families or relationships they are forced to reproduce by the government. They have no technology as well, they use candles light so when Equality 7-2521 discovers the light bulb... “Equality 7-2521 is on his way to a discovery even more critical than electricity” (Rand,53). This proves that in the society the don 't have any technology they use candles, and once the home of the scholars except equality’s invention will later change their society. Anthem and harrison bergeron have major differences in their societies, and become a dystopia. You can 't make a society greater by making everyone equal, using people 's differences to their advantage is how people should really live. There is no point in living if you are living with hatred or living in fear.The people should live in happiness but there is also not perfect world on everyone being happy. As Martin Luther King Jr. said… “The time is always right to do whats
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