Comparing Emerson And Transcendentalism

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Transcendentalists believed nature is a source of truth and inspiration. They are people who go beyond who go beyond the reasoning of something. For example Thoreau and Emerson were transcendentalist who had these same beliefs. It is important to be an independent thinker because it teaches you not to be like other people and to be your own unique person. “I am a transparent eyeball, I am nothing; it’s all the currents of the universal being circulate through me; I am a particle of god”- Emerson. Emerson is stating that nature is what makes him unique, without it he would be nothing. He think that everything that is good when he is in nature circulates through him. Nature teaches people to not think about all the bad things in life, live simply and taking it one day at a time. “Standing on the bare ground in my head bathed by the blithe air and uplifted into the infinite space.” – Emerson, What page #? Emerson wants to show people that you can just stand there and if you try hard, you can see and feel everything in life and in nature. You can become one with nature. Do not use YOU in academic essay…show more content…
“The power which resides in him is now in nature and none but he knows what is which he can do nor does he know until he has tried.” Emerson is stating that the power that people have or think they have is in nature but you won’t know what you can do until you have actually tried it for yourself. You have experience so that one day that person will know how it feels like to be a leader. The transcendentalist believed nature teaches indivuals to be unique, live simply which helps create future
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