Comparing Emily 'And Lamb To The Slaughter'

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The story, “A Rose for Emily,” was written by William Faulkner and was published in April 30, 1930. This story is about a woman named Emily and her dealing with a lot of problems. Emily is very quiet and during this story, she losses her father. She also has problems with relationships. In the story, “Lamb to Slaughter,” was about a woman and her husband. The woman, Mary Maloney, loved her husband so much in the story and then he gets home one day and something wrong happens, so in this story, Mary Maloney is having problems. The character, Mary Maloney, in the story “Lamb To The Slaughter,” is a very smart person. She knew what she was doing after she killed her husband to make her story seem real to the detectives. Mary Maloney’s husband, Patrick, was a man who probably taught her what a detective thinks like and how different situations could affect a case. In the story he felt…show more content…
The stories both show how the women love the men and then something doesn’t go their way that causes them to commit a murder. The story, “ A Rose for Emily,” is about a woman named Emily facing problems with life. Just like in the story, “Lamb to the Slaughter,” Mary Maloney had problems with a man and her life.Emily and Mary both had problems with men.Mary Maloney loved Patrick and was anxious for him to get home.“Now and again she glanced at the clock, but without anxiety, the two table lamps were lit.” Roald Dahl said this in “Lamb to the Slaughter,” because he was trying to show how she couldn’t wait until Patrick got home. Emily loved Homer Barren and would do anything.“Two days later we learned that she had bought a complete outfit of men’s clothing, including a nightshirt.”The author William Faulkner showed us that she loved him so much that she would buy him new clothes that would usually signal that a couple is
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