Comparing Emily Dickenson And Robert Frost's Poetry

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Many authors have their own person way of writing like including facts in their literary works or putting their own opinions into the mix. Emily Dickenson and Robert Frost are two poets that focus on themselves; they share their opinions, emotions, and thoughts through their writing and build a community of people who agree with them. Both of these talented writers are very keen on keeping a running theme that stands as their central idea; Emily’s poems are about seeing things in a new and different light while Robert’s poems are built around central metaphors and his past experiences. Aside from focusing on themselves, they have a few poems that describe the experience and emotions of an induvial person like Frost’s “Home Burial” and Dickenson’s “He ate and drank the precious words”. Emily Dickenson was a poet who expresses her deep emotions and thoughts that she experiences naturally over time; she doesn’t worry about getting things right nor does she worry about what people will think of her poems. Based on her work, I can say that she is very…show more content…
In these poems he is focused on putting his opinions out into the world, similarly to Dickenson, by talking in first person and expressing how he feels about certain things like the birch trees and about which road he should take. He puts a lot of emphases on nature, searching for something, reflecting on past experiences, and building central metaphors. Like any poet, Frost uses many metaphors, similes, alteration, opinions, emotive language, and occasional facts that he notices. In many cases it seems as if a whole poem by Frost is a metaphor, like in “The Road Not Taken” which is a metaphor for the decisions people make during their life time. Another example is the poem “Stopping by Woods”, where the whole poem is basically a metaphor for slowing down and enjoying life in the
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