Comparing Emily Dickinson's Life And Disease

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Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts. Her family was a little famous around Amherst due to her grandfather: Samuel Dickinson, who founded the local Amherst College. Her state legislator father had three children; Lavinia Norcross, William Austin and Emily as the middle child. Emily’s education included 7 years of learning at Amherst Academy (College) and 1 year at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. It is still not known to this day why Emily left Mount Holyoke after only one year in 1848. The possibilities are thought to be either her weak emotional state or it was the decision of her father to take Emily out of the school. Dickinson first began to write as a teen, when she found inspiration in Leonard Humphrey, who happened to be the principal of the Amherst Academy. Other inspirations for her writing may have included her close…show more content…
These diseases include Tuberculosis, smallpox and pneumonia. Medicine was not as advanced as it is today so every disease was a lot harder to defeat. Procedures such as childbirth and pregnancy are seen as simple procedures now but used to be a plausible cause of death. Disease was persistent in Dickinson’s family with her mother fighting multiple diseases for the last couple decades of her life. Dickinson spent most of her time staying at home and she took care of her often ill mother. This led to her being around numerous diseases and their effect on her mother. Tuberculosis proved to be widespread during her lifetime and she experienced many of her friends dying from it. There was even fear that Tuberculosus ran in the family. Dickinson also struggled with eye problems during part of her life that are thought to be due to a condition called iritis. Due to many examples of it in her life, disease likely made a negative influence on

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