Comparing Euthanasia In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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This story (of mice and men) is about 2 friends that have been together for a long time.One friend is named George, George is like a big brother to the little brother named Lennie, Lennie is a little slow so he really doesn’t know what he really does. In this essay I'm going to be writing about whether or not students should be able to read Of Mice and Men based on the subject matter which is justified if George had a good reason in killing Lennie. I'm going to give my opinions on this book, so one reason you could have justified into George killing Lennie would be religion.If Lennie wanted to die then it would have been a reason and that reason is Euthanasia but he didn’t want to die so then that would go against the 10 commandments "Thou Shou Not Kill" and this kind of goes with something like murder.…show more content…
So it is considered murder either way you look at it throughout the book. Do you think this book is for students? Well if not I have another piece of evidence I have to give you. Another one would be Euthanasia, Euthanasia is known as mercy killing, which is what George HAD to do to Lennie so he wouldn’t suffer. Other people like you maybe would see it as murder like I said in the other evidence, but in this situation I would say it's not murder its euthanasia. After reading this letter do you think this book is appropriate for students (middle school and up)? I think the book is a good way to learn a friendship lesson, and just a life lesson take it from me, I've read it and I like it and I'm pretty sure your kids will like it as
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