Comparing Fahrenheit 451 And Montag

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“Books to me were powerful and transformational.”this is stated in paragraph 5 of Charles Blow’s text. Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451 believes this quote strongly. He is the main character from Fahrenheit 451. Reading plays a big part in both Montag’s and Charles Blow’s lives. Both of their lives are affected in both texts. Blow and Montag had the same and different views on reading and writing, mainly reading, and how they were introduced to it. Charles Blow had it easy compared to Guy Montag. He wasn’t as censored from books as Montag. Montag wasn’t even allowed to look at a book without someone calling the fireman and burning it. Before Montag even knew about books he was a fireman. The text states on page 1 in Fahrenheit 451,” It was…show more content…
His brothers as stated always brought home books. The text the Charles Blow wrote in paragraph 5 states, “Books were the things my brothers brought home from school…” So he was not censored form books. He just didn’t know what books were. Soon he would, and when that day would come he would finally find out the importance of books. Also why his brothers would always bring books home. Both of these people have a lot of similarities and differences. They are similar because they both end up towards the end of the book, or text, liking them. They like them because of what is inside them. It is like a movie on pages that lasts longer. They are also different in many ways. For one is that Montag was strictly censored. Blow was the opposite and could go and read what he wanted but he didn’t know how. Their view on books was close to the same. In conclusion, all books have a meaning whether it be good or bad. Not many people see the good in books. Blow and Montag were two of the few who did. Even though neither of them knew about books or why they were so important at first, they figured it out. Both of them figured it out differently, but they figured it out. Both texts were very meaningful and showed me a=what books were really made for. To bring us imagination and to provide a variety of important
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