Comparing Fahrenheit 451 And Narrative Of The Life Of

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Quality Over Quantity Throughout reading a book, the themes and morals that are meant to be taught are often overlooked. One never stops after reading a book or story to ponder about what they might have learned by reading the book. The book is simply put down and forgotten. The best books, however, have themes that are never forgotten and can be applied to any other book or even in greater situations. Two seemingly unalike books like Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass written by himself provide a great example of comparing the two different themes and even finding common ones between them. Every time a book is read, deep thought should be taken in order to fully understand the themes and morals the author is trying to impose on his or her audience. In this case, the pursuit for a higher education, freedom, and developing oneself. Fahrenheit 451 is a book about an everyday fireman living in a future United States whose job is to burn books. At the beginning of the book, the main character, Montag, meets a girl who loves to read (Bradbury 4). In the current society they live in, reading and knowledge of the world around them is forbidden. After learning about this girl 's forbidden actions, Montag starts to…show more content…
Sometimes it isn 't what the final result is, but what it took to get that result. Both Montag and Frederick Douglass had to muster immense amount of courage and bravery to go against the guidelines set for them. Montag was forced with the decision of living blindly and accepting the life he lived as a clueless fireman or going against his captain and essentially the whole world in order to discover the truth for himself. Frederick Douglass was faced with the decision of being a slave forever and accepting the cruel life he lived or rising up against all odds and face death for the slim chance of an escape to freedom. Both men took the path less traveled in order to make a difference. That is
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