Comparing Fear In The Crucible And The Sinner

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Fear has the power to impact our actions and measures taken to ensure tranquility. The Crucible and Edward’s Sinners, both take place in a Puritan place where religion is the number one priority. The Puritans were a group of english reformed protestants, who moved migrated to America to avoid the restrictions on their religion in England. Religion is a sacred and very important concept of the way the Puritans live their lives. The power struggle between God and the devil is clearly showcased in the Crucible and in Sinners. The Sinners, by Jonathan Edwards, and the Crucible, by Arthur Miller, as Abigail controls members of her Puritan society and Edwards controls members of the townspeople he talks to. Abigail and Edwards control members of…show more content…
Once Abigail was caught in the forest by Parris she immediately went into a frightful panic at her fate the next day. She told Betty blatantly, “Betty, you never say that again!’ ‘Shut it! Shut it”(Miller 19)! Betty is being controlled by the crushing power of fear on Abigail 's back. No matter what Abagail will not get into trouble with Parris, so she resorts to lies, and threats meant to keep what happened in the forest a secret. Thus, Abigail keeps everyone in line by creating slanders about them that compromise their character, to where she will seem correct in any argument against her. Likewise, fear controls Mary Warren to turn on John Proctor. Warren, accused of witchcraft, abruptly exclaims, “ ‘I’ll murder you,’ he says, ‘if my wife hangs! We must overthrow the court”(Miller 119). Death can be the greatest fear, as in the Puritan days, being accused of witchcraft meant death. In order to save her own skin, Warren turns on Proctor and accuses him of controlling her to overthrow the court. This slander is completely made up, but at that time the court will believe anything the victim has to say according to Danforth, and the Mary Warren has justified herself as a victim when accusing Proctor. Fear as seen in the Crucible plays a major part in controlling members of their Puritan society, to create accusations and slander towards people influencing drastic measures and actions. The Crucible
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