Comparing Fences And Things Fall Apart

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The novel Fences by August Wilson is set in the 1950s, Fences talks about the African- American experience which is evolving and examines race relations as well as other themes. In the novel Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe, the novel discusses the experiences of the Africans during the colonization of the europeans. Fences is about a man named Troy who goes through many situations and even taunts death. Troy is a garbage man, he is married to Rose who together have a son named Cory. Cory plays on the football team and is getting scouted. Troy does not want Cory to go into football because of his own experience, which would assume Troy is jealous because his son might actually get into professional, while Troy did not. Bono, Troy’s friend thinks that he is having an…show more content…
Troy and Okonkwo are very similar characters. They both were once happy and had success. As then follows is all down hill as Okonkwo does not want to live in the shadow of his father who owed many debts to many people throughout the village and as in turn he wants to be nothing that his father was which was a nice caring man. As well with Troy who then was rejected by the Major leagues and sadly lets that define who he is and takes out his anger from that one event for the rest of his life. Both Troy and Okonkwo hid behind this mask of anger which brings in my drawing. The fence represents the wall that they both have and behind is a proud and caring face because they never wanted to show that side of them as they did not want to be perceived as weak. As on the other side there is the mask that they want people to see which is the mad sring side. Both Okonkwo and Troy were “secretly” proud of their children but never showed it to them. For example Troy just wanted Cory to have the best and he did not want him to turn into how he was because he knew he do a lot of things and did not want him to get his hopes up with
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