Comparing Firstlife And Can T Look Away, By Donna Cooner

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These four books have significant differences between the hardest and they easiest. In total they have 1324 pages, allowing me to read approximately 221 pages per week. I chose to put Crown by Kiera Cass as my less difficult book because I read it the fastest and did not have to stop and re-read. I also did not have to try to explain the story to myself because the plot wa straightforward and it is the fifth book in the series. I determined to put Can 't Look Away by Donna Cooner in the second bubble because although it was a nice read and a good story, I lost interest and found it hard to finish the book. This novel was an attempted read and I wish I could 've finished it, but I got distracted with the absence of a plot near the middle of the novel.…show more content…
FirstLife by Gena Showalter is my second most difficult or third least difficult novel on my reading ladder because it has several more difficult words and was hard to understand due to plot twists and mixed messages. The difference between FirstLife and Can 't Look Away is the amount of pages I had to read. FirstLife has 438 pages and was a little confusing, when Can 't Look Away has 272 pages, making less pages it a little more bearable then lots of pages. It gives me more confidence when I read fast and well. Finally I chose to put Cradle and All by James Patterson as my hardest book because frankly I did not understand it. I am trying to read more difficult novels, but I think I chose one a little too far outside my comfort zone. The plot is understandable but the language the author uses rather difficult for me to read. To sum it up, these books are all good choices and I would recommend them, but sometimes I just have to deal with what I can
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