Comparing Flight In The Unflappable Boy And Peter Pan

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Flight is a very interesting concept. There are many stories of flight by humans as if they were birds. Two such stories (and poems) are “The Unflappable Boy” and Peter Pan. The both tell a tale of flight. They have similarities and differences like every piece of literature. How many similarities and differences are there, you ask. Here is the answer to your question.

To begin, here are some differences. In “The Unflappable Boy”, The boy is only imagining to fly. While in “Peter Pan”, the characters use Peter Pan’s magic to fly. One smaller difference is that In “Peter Pan”, there are four characters. The characters being Peter Pan, Michael, John, and Wendy. In contrast, “The Unflappable Boy” only contains one character and his pet dog. One final difference is that in “The Unflappable Boy”, the boy is relax. While in “Peter Pan”, Peter is always jolly.
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One main similarity is that they are both stories containing flight. Even though in “The Unflappable Boy”, It still has flight, even if he is not outright flying. Also, both of them are fiction passages/poems. One is about 3 kids going to a far off island and the other one is about a boy dreaming to fly. On final (and very small difference) is that they have male characters as the main protagonist. In “The Unflappable Boy”, it was the anonymous boy. Similarly, in “Peter Pan”, the protagonist was ,of course, Peter Pan.

Those are the similarities and differences between the passage “Peter Pan” and the poem “The Unflappable Boy”. There differences are there plot, characters, and the emotions. And their similarities are that there is flight, and there both fiction, and the gender of the protagonist. It seems that like most literature, there are more differences than

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