Comparing Flowers For Algernon And The Film

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The narrative arc in the short story “ Flowers For Algernon” and the film “Charly,” share many similarities and differences. The short story is told from Charlie’s perspective whereas the film is told from an omniscient point of view. The different perspectives give the readers a sense of emotional attachment to the characters. In the text, Charlie’s narration develops a critical mood. On the contrary, the narration of the film creates a more emotional point of view and connects with the audience at a more profound level. First, the exposition introduces the characters and the setting of the story in both text and film. However, in the film, Charlie is portrayed as a slightly more immature character compared to the story. In the beginning, the film…show more content…
In the text, Charlie expresses leaving New York would be the more beneficial decision after understanding he was being made fun of and losing his brilliance. Nevertheless, in the film, although Charlie refuses Miss Kinnian’s proposal, he does not find life so miserable that he has to leave the city. He nonchalantly lives the rest of his life carefree. All in all, the story “Flowers for Algernon” displays a great narrative arc that is represented differently in the film and the text. Both versions show the tension building up to the turning point when Charlie’s intelligence reaches its peak, but execute the ending of the story somewhat differently. The text describes Charlie leaving New York in hopes of a better life, whereas the film shows Charlie living the rest of his life in New York, freely. The difference in the narrative arcs of the film and the text have various effects on the audience. For example, the exposition and the rising action showed in the film prove Charlie’s immaturity to the audience. However, this childishness cannot be understood by reading the text. Evidently, Charlie’s relation and connections in society are accurately represented in the film. On the contrary, the text makes a relentless
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