Comparing Foucault's 'Discipline And Punish'

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Name: Javida Mohammad Sediq
Dep: Anthropology
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“Discipline and Punish”
According to Foucault discipline and punish is a history of the modern penal system. Foucault pursues to study punishment in its social background and to observe how changing power relations affected punishment. He begins by studying the situation before the eighteenth century when public execution and physical punishment were main punishments, and torture was part of most criminal inquiries. As he mentions in the text that punishment was formal and directed at the prisoner 's body. It was usual in which the spectators were important. Public execution regenerated the authority of the King. Common works reported the details of executions, and the public was deeply involved in them.
The eighteenth century saw several calls for improvement of punishment. The improvers, according to Foucault, were not interested in a concern for the well being of prisoners. Somewhat, they wanted to make power function more professionally. They planned a theater of the punishment, in which a multifaceted system of signs was showed openly. Punishments were related clearly to their crimes and helped as a problem to lawbreaking.
Prison is not yet conceivable as a consequence. Three new models of consequence helped to overwhelmed confrontation to it. However, huge differences were
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In my point of view, a structure that shows how individuals can be controlled and organized professionally represents disciplinary power. Institutions demonstrated on the panopticon begin to feast through society. Prison develops from this idea of discipline. It purposes both to divest the individual of his freedom and to the improvement of him. The prison is the next development. It associates the prison with the workshop and with the hospital. The prison replaces the prisoner with the criminal. The criminal is created as a response to changes in popular criminality, in order to relegate and control general
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