Comparing Francis And Clare's View Of Poverty

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Francis and Clare both lived their life through poverty. They gave all of their stuff away to the people who needed it the most. They both tried to live their life based on Jesus’ teachings. Poverty is a privilege because it allowed them to have freedom. They didn’t own anything anymore and were able to focus on the people around them. They had different responsibilities now than the ones their parents had planned for them. Poverty allowed them to be closer to God, since they no longer had belongings of their own Clare believed that an accumulation of things got in the way of God. She also believed that the poor needed on the relationship with God because those were the people who needed him the most. Francis thought that poverty was a way to imitate Jesus.…show more content…
Poverty was the life and death of Jesus. This is a privilege because poverty allows a stronger connection with Jesus because he lives through similar situations. It shows people that others can survive and be in poverty. The antidote to poverty is relationship, which is the connection between God. They believed that goods and services were sent from God. Poverty allows them to develop a relationship with God that most people do not have. Good and evil are defined by possessions that are loved more than God. Francis believes that we shouldn’t have possessions because it effects our judgment about God. Many people don’t have the connection with God that Francis and Clare do. They tried to live by his exact teachings by reliving it and not just preaching about
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