Comparing Frankenstein And The Creator In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Through life, relationships may branch from many different circumstances, and in Frankenstein, Mary Shelley focused primarily on a relationship between a creator and his creation. Victor Frankenstein, the creator, was intrigued by science as a child. This interest sparked the desire to create life, more significantly, the life of a creature. Considering the relationship between Victor and the creature was that of a relationship between a father and his son, they embodied various similarities. Each was isolated, had the same desire for family and the same urge to obtain knowledge. These characteristics seemed to grow in similarity as the novel progressed. Also, the actions of one character had an effect on the other. Both Victor and the creature desired knowledge in different areas, and longed for seclusion and family as a result of the effect one had on the other. From a young age, Victor was interested in science and expanded upon his knowledge…show more content…
He felt as though he was discarded by his creator. Also, his appearance frightened those around him which kept him from having any relationships with people nearby. Without involvement in the world or any form of acknowledgment from his creator, the creature longed for revenge against Victor and forced himself into the wilderness until that was possible. After the death of Victor, the creature “was soon borne away by the waves, and lost in darkness and distance” (Shelley 435). Nature was a form of escape, and after all chances of greater revenge were lost, the creature had no reason of living. Nature would be his eternal escape from seclusion on Earth. Victor too surrounded himself with nature, but for the purpose of finding peace. Nature was Victor’s outlet in times of struggle and doubt. When Victor had to hide the creature from his family and wept at the loss of his brother, he isolated himself in nature to find
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