Comparing Freudian Theory And Branagh's Hamlet

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Freudian Theory: Effects on Hamlet The omission of Freudian theory prevents the audience from understanding certain aspects of the film. On the other hand, with the inclusion of Freudian theory, the audience watching the film Hamlet has a completely different perception as to what the movie is about. Both Freudian theory and the lack of it, changes the interpretation of the film and gives variation to the plot and theme of the play. To begin, both movies have a similar plot with the omission and inclusion of Freudian theory. In the Kenneth Branagh version of the movie, Hamlet does not want to have sexual intercourse with his mother. Despite this, the plot does not change, Hamlet still wants to avenge his father’s death by murdering his uncle. The evidence of this is when Claudius is asking for forgiveness…show more content…
In this movie, Hamlet is also trying to take revenge against his uncle and punish him for killing his father. Zeffirelli shows this when the uncle is praying. When the uncle is praying, Hamlet pulls out his sword and is deciding on whether to kill him or not. The theme in the Kenneth Branagh version of the movie is death and revenge, and Hamlet’s actions indicate this. In Franco Zeffirelli’s movie, Hamlet is revengeful and wants to kill his uncle, which signifies the theme of murder and vengeance as well. Regardless whether Freudian theory is omitted or included, both audiences of each film see the plot as Hamlet trying to kill his uncle, whilst seeing the theme as death and revenge through Hamlet’s actions. Whether or not the viewers have the Freudian theory lens, both the plot and theme remains the same. Contrastingly, both films have different variations in their plots and themes with the inclusion and omission of Freudian theory. Kenneth Branagh decided not to include Freudian theory in his version of the movie and this makes the plot remain strictly on the murder of Claudius. In his film, Hamlet does not have feelings for his mother and his sole
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