Comparing Galileo And George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Similar to Galileo, Martin Luther also questioned the Catholic church. Luther chose early in life to dedicate himself to the monastic life, however, he found a real surprise when he realized that the monks around him cared very little for others. A large number of the monks had used the title to become lazy and gluttonous, but they weren’t the only members of the church to abandon their true calling. To construct Saint Peter's Basilica, Pope Leo X gave permission to the Archbishop to sell indulgences. The Indulgences were sold as a way to be removed of all sin and they ensured entry to heaven. Luther believed that by selling indulgences, the Catholic church was taking advantage of citizens and sullying the Catholic church.

Luther first questioned
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Jones and his men. Mr. Jones didn’t treat the animals fairly, and in certain scenarios he would forget to feed the animals completely and as a result, the animals decided to question the authority figure, Mr. Jones and eventually chased him and his men from the farm. The animals successfully questioned authority and drove out their human masters to establish a government led by two pigs; Napoleon and…show more content…
Had the animals questioned Napoleon, the same way that they questioned their human masters, the farm animals would have remained equal in all walks of life. Instead, the rules slowly became twisted to benefit Napoleon and his followers.

Animal farm isn’t the only literary example which illustrates why one must question authority. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is another work of fiction which paints the picture of a not-so-far-off dystopian society governed by a totalitarian government which makes corrupt decisions for what they believe to be the better of all people. The government authorizes book burning, brainwashing, and the killing of innocent people. The novel depicts a world where according to authority, books and the knowledge contained inside them is
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