Comparison Essay: The Differences Of Hitler And Gandhi

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To start this off I would like to talk about our two topics That I will be comparing and contrasting, Hitler and Gandhi. First things is first is to tell you about who they are so I will start with Gandhi. Gandhi was an important man who was inspired by peace when he was to lead India’s movement of independence for the civil right of Indians. He was a man who inspired millions to follow him on his journey and I believe was an amazing, successful leader. He did grow up with an education as Hitler tried but failed, which could have been the reason to the man’s anger during his leading. Although Hitler was very opposite from Gandhi, he still was a leader who lead the German people throughout World War II. His path took a genocide turn compared to Gandhi’s but he did have many followers to help him with these violent acts against the jewish. Gandhi and Hitler were similar in terms of their actions as powerful, influential, leaders; however, they differed in their educational backgrounds and stance on violent acts.…show more content…
From the way they rule can go back to a certain event in their life and they can affect the lives of millions and influence many people today like gandhi influenced the way Martin Luther king jr led people.Hitler and Gandhi are very different in ways I didn’t get to list but most importantly their education history and lifestyle have made them the way they are and I believe the harder you try at what you do the better you can do it whether that is leading an army to inspiring millions and trying to stop war. To wrap it up I believe that hitler and Gandhi have many many differences but they do have some similarities that I think have brought us to where we are all at today to how gandhi inspired us to bring peace to people and hitler helps us not repeat history and learn from our
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