Comparing George And Lennie In Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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What makes a strong relationship? What shows that people have great relationships with each other? In Of Mice and Men, we follow George and Lennie through their journey on the ranch. Throughout their time on the farm, they get to meet some very unique people who seem to bring out George and Lennie’s real inner personality. Also, we follow Romeo and Juliet in the romantic love story Romeo and Juliet. The two lovers meet and instantly fall in love. They get married a few days later. Everything should be going great, but then something goes very wrong. In both of these texts you can see how both of the main characters in each story have good relationships with each other … but who has the best? Although Romeo and Juliet fell in love at first sight…show more content…
These two have been through some good times, and also some bad times. But, through all of them, they haven’t left each other behind. A great example of this is when Lennie touches the ladies red dress and they get ran out of Weed. George yells, “‘They run us out of Weed … We run. They was lookin’ for us, but they didn’t catch us.’” (Steinbeck 7). Even though Lennie got into big trouble, and Lennie had a very decent job going in Weed, he still helped Lennie escape. George could have kept his job in Weed and have Lennie get caught by the people chasing him and not have to ever deal with him again, but he didn’t, he helped out his friend and stayed right by his side. They also stuck together when Lennie threatened to go live in a cave all by himself. As soon as George is done yelling at Lennie, he says back, “‘Cause I can jus’ as well go away, George, an’ live in a cave.’” (Steinbeck 16). After Lennie says this George feels very bad and says how there is no way he would be able to survive so he is going to stay with George. He could have easily told him to go ahead and live in a cave and let him die, but instead he told him to stay so he could help him, just like any good friend would do. This shows a strong relationship because George cares about how Lennie is doing and will never ever let him get hurt. They will never get rid of each other because they need each other too much and would do anything to keep one another. Even though their relationship has struggled at times, George and Lennie have never left each others
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