Comparing Gods In Genesis And Popol Vuh

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All Powerful and Remorseless Gods in Genesis and Popol Vuh In The book of Genesis it talks about how god creates the earth and all living things. Then later in the story he banishes his creations from the Garden of Eden and then later ends up destroying the world with a flood. In the story Popol Vuh the gods create the earth and decide that they want people to worship them. So they try to make the perfect humans to create them. They make many attempts and finally have the “perfect” humans. The gods in these stories have tried and failed to create things and be satisfied with them. From trying over and over again to create perfect humans and destroying each attempt that fails, to making humans and wiping them all out in one attempt. The Gods in the story in The book of Genesis and Popol Vuh are all powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated because there power is great and don’t have remorse for the things they create. In both Genesis and Popol Vuh they have floods that wipe out the human race. In Genesis, God brings a flood to…show more content…
The archetype they show the most is the all-powerful god archetype. In The book of Genesis , the all-powerful god archetype was shown by how God created everything. In the story it says “In the beginning God created…” ( Genesis, pg. 65 ) God created the earth and everything on it. Being able to create the world means God has a lot of power. God also just said what he wanted to happened and it happened. “And God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light ” ( Genesis, pg. 65 ) In Popol Vuh they also had an all powerful gods archetype. They created the earth by combining their thoughts and creating something they wanted to rule over.“For the forming of the earth they said “earth” . It suddenly arose…” By doing this they showed that they know that they are powerful. And, they believed that they are so powerful that they should be worshiped by. Thus, the creation of
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