Comparing Hamlet And A Raisin In The Sun

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Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, depicts a story of a son who has to make the difficult decision of either revenging his father, or letting his fathers killer become king. Furthermore, this play shows the social expectations that men have in society and also the influence that a deceased father can have on someone. On the other hand, A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry, somewhat mirrors the social issues that Hamlet also tries depict. However, the main difference between these two plays is that A raisin in the Sun, focuses on living like the deceased father, while Hamlet focuses on revenging his father. William Shakespeare uses expectations that society has towards men. After his father’s death, Hamlet is somewhat depressed because of his fathers death. For example, when Hamlet first talks to his father’s ghost, he states that his fathers spirit’s, “Memory still holds a seat in [his] distracted globe” (81). This means that he is still thinking abut his father even when his mind in busy. This shows that Hamlet is still sorrowing …show more content…

Many men feel as if they have to somewhat fill their father’s legacy and strive to be the man that they once were. For example, Walter tries to be the hard working man that his father was. Also, at the end of the play, Raisin in the Sun, Walter is about to all the house that they had just bought. However, before he does, he states that, “[W]e have decided to move into our house because my father, my father, he earned it for us brick by brick.” This quote shows how influenced Walter was due to the thought of how his father would react if he did sell the house. On the other hand, Hamlet is influenced by his father when he sees his father apparition. Hamlet’s father influences him into getting revenge on his uncle. Therefore, both plays show how powerful the influence of a deceased father has on their

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